Role of microbes in Banana Cultivation

• Microbes play major role in Banana cultivation.
• Nature of microbes and its population decides the soil health.
• Azospirillum, Phospho bacteria, Potash Mobilizing bacteria and VA Micorrhiza solubilizes & mobilizes major and micro nutrients needed the plants.
• Pseudomonas, Trichoderma viride , Metarhizium, Verticillium, Peacilomyces etc. controls the disease causing pathogens, nematodes and soil born insects and pests.
• Continues usage of these beneficial microbes would considerably reduce the fertilizer usage and avoid chemical fungicide & pesticide usage.

Sucker Treatment

• Prepare the solution of TARI Pseudocon – 500 ml, TARI DermaconV -500 ml, Tari Nematocide – 500 ml in 100 litre of water . Soak the rhizomes with prepared solution.
• Shade dry the treated rhizomes before sowing.

For Plant Growth : For 1 acr

• Apply Tari Organic Complex 300-500 Kg as 2nd or 3rd month and repeat the application during 5th month cultivation..
• Tari Azosfer – 500 ml
Tari Phosphofer -500 ml
Tari Kmofer – 500 ml Apply within 3 months through Drip irrigation.
• Apply Tari Kmofer – 500 ml at 5th,6th and 7th month cultivation.
• Apply Tari Organic Plus – 2 litre,Tari Humic – 3 litre.once in two month interval.

Bunch Development

Prepare Tari Organic Plus - 5ml/liter Tari Pseudocon V – 2 ml/liter,Tari Kmofer - 2 ml/liter of water. Spray on bunch 2 times in 10 days interval.


• Improves Banana Bunch quality and size.
• Increases banana bunch weight.


• For 1000 Trees

Tari Organic Plus – 1liter
Tari Pseudocon – 500 ml
Tari Dermacon V – 500 ml Apply through drip irrigation or soil drenching.
Precaution Application to be 4th & 6th month cultivation. Apply two times in 15 days interval.

Sigatoka leaf spot

Drench Tari Organic Plus – 5 ml/liter
Tari Pseudocon- 2 ml/ liter
Tari Dermacon V -2 ml /liter of water at 2 times in 10 days interval.

Note: Spray under surface of the leaves.

Pseudostem and Corm Weevil

National Reaserch Centre fir Banana (NRCB),Trichy. Conducted research at various Banana cultivating areas and isolated strain of  the fungus Beauveria bassiana which is effectively controlling the pseudostem and corm weevil. For mass culturing and marketing of this strain Beauveria bassiana. We (TARI Bio- Tech) had signed MOU with ICAR-NRCB and release the product with brand name TARI Beauvericide Banana Special