ORGANIC Plus ( Cardomom Special )

Organic Plus is a liquid Bio-manure, contains concentrated and Purified panchakavya fermented scientifically, as base meterial. This base material is enriched with both nutrition rich and disease and pest repellent Seaweed extracts herbal extracts, Humic acid, amino acid, from natural sources in standard composition. At the final stage this organic plus is inoculated with beneficial microbes such as Azospirillum, Phospho bacteria, Potash mobilizing bacteria and Pseudomonas fluorescence, Which provided disease resistance and attributes from better yield in cardamom.

How to apply :


200-300ml of organic plus ( Cardamom Special ) with 100 liter of water and spray throughly.


10-20ml with Oraganic plus ( Cardomom Special ) along with Organic manure through drenching



Symptoms : Panicles becomes stunted, Shedding of flowers and immature capsules thus reducing the total number of capsules formered. Infestation causes formation of corky encrustations and pods resulting in their malformed and shriveled condition. Such pods lack their fine aroma and the seeds within are also poorly developed.

Management :100-200ml of Tari Verticide & 300ml of Tari Organic Plus ( Cardomom Special ), with 100 liter of water and spray throughly.


Symptoms : Small light brown lesions appear in the green tender fruits which fall of in 3-6 days leaving the small fruit stalk. The tip of inflorescnce also rot.

Management : 200ml of Tari Pseudocon & 300ml of Tari Oraganic plus ( Cardamom Special ), with 100ml of water and spray throughly.


Symptoms : The grubs feed on the roots in the form of irregular scraping, In advanced stages entire root system is found damaged resulting in drying and rotting depending on the season of attack, In the severely infested plants, leaves turn yellow and dry.

Managements :100ml of Tari Metacide, 100ml of Tari Beauvericide & 300ml of tari Organic plus ( Cardamom Special ) with 100 liter of water drench the soil in the root zone throughly.