Role of microbes in Coconut Cultivation

• Microbes play major role in Coconut cultivation.
• Nature of microbes and its population decides the soil health.
• Azospirillum, Phospho bacteria, Potash Mobilizing bacteria and VA Micorrhiza solubilizes & mobilizes major and micro nutrients needed the plants.
• Pseudomonas, Trichoderma viride , Metarhizium, Verticillium, Peacilomyces etc. controls the disease causing pathogens, nematodes and soil born insects and pests.
• Continues usage of these beneficial microbes would considerably reduce the fertilizer usage and avoid chemical fungicide & pesticide usage.

Recommendation for coconut : For 1 Tree

For Canal Irrigation

Apply  every 1 year
(For Organic field to be applied along with Farm Yard Manure.)
(For Inorganic field 50% of regular chemical fertilizer to be applied.)

Tari Organic Complex – 3 kg
Tari Organic Plus – 20 ml
Tari Humic – 40 ml
Tari Pseudocon – 3 ml
Tari dermacon V- 3 ml
Tari Metacide – 3 ml
Tari Verticide – 3 ml

In Drip Irrigation

Apply 2 times in one year interval
50 % regular inorganic fertilizer using field Organic manure to be applied.

Tari Organic Plus – 20 ml
Tari Humic – 40 ml
Tari Pseudocon – 3 ml
Tari dermacon – 3 ml
Tari Metacide – 3 ml
Tari Verticide – 3ml
Tari Phosphofer – 5 ml
Tari Kmofer – 5 ml
Tari Azosfer – 5 ml


Note :
• Improves soil health & fertility
• Controls diseases and pests.
• Improves copra weight and size.
• Improves flower setting & number of nuts.
• Increases Yield.

Pest Management

Rhinoceros Beetle

Mix Tari Organic Plus – 5 ml/liter
Tari Metacide – 3 ml/liter
Tari Beauvericide – 3ml/liter apply on crown
For Foliar application Tari Organic Plus – 3 ml/liter, Tari Pseudocon – 1 ml/liter,Tari Beauvericide – 2 ml/liter, Tari Metacide – 2 ml in 1 litre of water.

Red palm weevil

Remove Red palm weevil excreta in affected tree. Prepare the paste of Tari Organic Plus – 10 ml, Tari Metacide – 5 ml , Tari Beauvericide – 5 ml, Tari Pseudocon – 2 ml in 1 Kg cow dung. Apply that paste at affected area.
• And Prepare the solution Tari Organic Plus – 20ml, Tari Metacide-5 ml, Tari Beauvericide-5ml, Tari Pseudocon- 2ml in 2 lit of water and drench the root zone of the tree.
• Repeat the application 2 – 3 times til 7 – 10 days interval at recovery.

Disease Management

Wilt and Stem bleeding

Management : Wilt and Stem bleeding

• Prepare the paste Tari Organic plus -10 ml,Tari Pseudocon-5 ml,Tari DermaconV-5 ml,Tari Metacide-3ml. Apply Affected Place.
• drenching Tari Organic plus-20 ml,Tari dermacon V-5ml,Tari metacide- 3ml in liter of water. Repeat the application 2-3 times at recovery.

Bud rot

Management : Bud rot

Tari Organic Plus- 10 ml,Tari Pseudocon-5 ml,Tari Dermacon V-5 ml apply through crown drenching
Repeat the application 2-3 times at recovery.