Mix the given bellow products in sufficient amount of Cow dug

Organic plus - 10ml
Pseudocon - 5ml
Dermacon.V - 5ml
Metacide - 2ml

- Slightly remove the bark from the infected portion
- Paste the cow dung mixed with products in a bark removed area

Drenching Method


Mix the given bellow products in 1liter of water

Organic plus - 20ml
Pseudocon - 5ml
Dermacon. - 5ml
Metacide - 5ml

- Make 3 - 4 holes (1metre away from the tree)
- Apply 1liter solution for each tree

If drip system is available apply the liquid products through drip irrigation


- Before Drenching Field Moisture is required
- After application maintain the field moisture at least 7days for effective microorganism multiplication
- Should not use any other chemical fungicides & Bactericides.
- For severely affected trees, apply 3-4 times the recommended dose @ 7-10 days interval
- One time application of drenching is required to prevent the infection in other trees.