NEMATOCIDE | Paecilomyces lilacinus

The fungus is strongly parasitic to all stages of development of common plant infecting nematodes, especially the eggs. Spores of the fungus also adhere to the cuticle of vermiform stages of the nematodes as they migrate through the soil. The Spores germinate. The growing fungus penetrates the cuticle and engulfs the nematode. The hyphae of the fungus can also enter the nematode through body contents. In effect, the fungus acts as a parasite on the nematode.


Paecilomyces lilacinus fungus with a population density of 109 c.f.u./ml.


Nematocides controls the Nematodes effectively at all stages like eggs, larvae, pupae etc., It helps in preventing the damages in the root system caused by Nematodes which generally lays eggs in the root tissues.