Tari Bio-Tech is established in the year 2003 as a SSI (Small Scale Industries) unit engaged in the production and supply of eco-friendly agricultural inputs like, Bio-fertilizers, Bio-Control agent, Bio-Pesticides and Organic manure in both liquid and carrier based formulations.  With an idea that, if the shelf life of the biological products is improved from 4-6 months to above one year and CFU/ml from 107 to 109, then this bio-logical inputs like bio-fertilizers, bio-controls and bio-pesticides could become an alternative to the chemical inputs for the nutrition, diseases, and pest control in Agriculture and Horticulture crops.

As a result of our persistent R&D and eminent scientist consultancy we have succeeded in manufacturing Bio products with a shelf life of 2 years, with a high viable population density of 109 CFU/ml (100 crores CFU/ml) and resistant to high field temperature of 45-55° C and UV radiations during 2005 and we achieved this as the sixth unit in the world and second unit in India.

Our achievement has been certified by RCOF, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India for its cell count and shelf life. This achievement had been published in various leading newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Business line and other local News Papers, leading Televisions like Doordarshan – National and other satellite televisions etc. production Capacity of Liquid bio-products are 30,000 liters/month, Organicplus (liquid Bio-manure) 1 lakhs litres/month, Carrier based bio-fertilizers & bio-controls -1200 tonnes per annum and organic complex (Organic manure) – 4000 tonnes per annum. We are progressing at a 20-30% production capacity rise per annum.


Tari Bio-Tech to provide the Bio-Organic inputs to the farmers to reclaim and sustain the soil fertility and to control the disease and pest without leaving any harmful residues in the produce, thereby our soil and consumers health could be improved/protected.


Tari Bio-Tech is serving the needs of farmers by creating awareness on “Biological approach of crop management” through the production of these biological products using the latest technology.