Organic Plus is a liquid Bio-manure, contains concentrated and Purified panchakavya fermented scientifically, as base meterial. This base material is enriched with both nutrition rich and disease and pest repellent herbal extracts, humic acid, amino acid, from natural sources in standard composition. At the final stage this organic plus is inoculated with beneficial microbes such as Azospirillum, Phosphobacteria, Potash mobilizing bacteria and Pseudomonas fluorescence,


Bioefficacy of organic plur on plant growth promation in tea has been evaluated by UPASI Tea Research Foundation Tea Reseach Indtitute, Valparai. A field trail was conducted to evaluate the bio efficacy of ORGANIC PLUS on growth promotion of tea. Considering the effectiiveness , application of ORGANIC PLUS at 1200 ml ha-1 with a spray volume of 200 liters of water during crop seasons gave significant improvement in yield. In precise significant improvement in both made tea quality attributes and in liquor characters was observed with foliar application of ORGANIC PLUS.


Study Title : Bio - efficacy of Organic Plus on crop promotion of Tea.
and Study No. id : PHY/12/03 Published in UPASI - TRF Newsletter volume 23 (1), June 2013

Evaluation of Organic liquid formulation ( tari Organic Plus ) against tea pathogens under in vitro



This product Tari Organic Plus hadbeen found compatible with native bio control agents like Pseudomonas sp, Bacillus sp, Alcaligens sp. and tasted by UPASI TRF against wood rot, branch canker and gray blight pathogens under in vitro. The bio formulation TARI Organic Plus tea special is formulated in collavoration with UPASO TRF by enriching the Organic Plus with biocontrol strains of Pseudomonas sp, Bacillus sp, Alcaligens sp, Tested and Supplied by UPASI TRF.