Role of microbes in Turmeric Cultivation

• Microbes play major role in Turmeric cultivation.
• Nature of microbes and its population decides the soil health.
• Azospirillum, Phospho bacteria, Potash Mobilizing bacteria and VA Micorrhiza solubilizes & mobilizes major and micro nutrients needed the plants.
• Pseudomonas, Trichoderma viride , Metarhizium, Verticillium, Peacilomyces etc. controls the disease causing pathogens, nematodes and soil born insects and pests.
• Continues usage of these beneficial microbes would considerably reduce the fertilizer usage and avoid chemical fungicide & pesticide usage.

Rhizome treatment

• Prepare the solution of TARI Pseudocon – 500 ml, TARI DermaconV -500 ml, TARI Nematocide – 500 ml in 100 litre of water . Soak the rhizomes in the prepared solution.
• Shade dry the treated rhizomes before sowing.

For Plant growth: For 1 acre

• Apply TARI Organic Complex 250 Kg as basal application
• Apply TARI Azosfer -500ml, TARI Phosphofer -500 ml, TARI Kmofer - 500 ml TARI Humic – 5 litre along with 500 kg Farm Yard Manure as basal application.
• Apply TARI Organic Plus – 1 lit, TARI Humic – 3lit for three times in one month interval from the 2,3,4 month cultivation
• Apply TARI Organic plus -300 Kg during earthingup ( in fourth month).
• Apply TARI Kmofer -500 ml for rhizome growth during 4th ,5th and 6th month cultivation.

• Improves soil health & fertility
• Improves photosynthesis activity.
• Improves rhizome size, weight, and quality.

Pest Management

Shoot Borer

• Yellowing and drying of leaves of infested pseudostems.
• The larvae bore into pseudostems and feed on internal tissues. The presence of a bore-hole on the pseudostem through which frass is extruded and the withered central shoot is a characteristic symptom of pest infestation.


Spray TARI Organic Plus – 5 ml/liter
TARI Metacide -2 ml/liter
TARI Beauvericide -2 ml/liter


• The infested leaves roll up, turn pale and gradually dry up.
• The development of rhizomes is reduced, when the infestation is severe.


Spray TARI Organic plus – 5ml/liter
TARI Verticide - 2 ml/liter

Nematode Management

It causes discoloration and rotting of rhizomes.
Affected plants Show stunted growth, yellowing, marginal and tip drying of leaves, reduced tillering and galling and rotting on roots.


Apply TARI Organic Plus – 500 ml
TARI Pseudocon -200 ml
TARI Dermacon V/H -200 ml
TARI Nematocide – 500 ml

• Precaution application at 5th month cultivation.