Role of microbes in Vegetable Cultivation

• Microbes play major role in vegetable cultivation.
• Nature of microbes and its population decides the soil health.
• Azospirillum, Phospho bacteria, Potash Mobilizing bacteria and VA Micorrhiza solubilizes & mobilizes major and micro nutrients needed the plants.
• Pseudomonas, Trichoderma viride, Metarhizium, Verticillium, Peacilomyces etc. controls the disease causing pathogens, nematodes and soil born insects and pests.
• Continus usage of these beneficial microbes would considerably reduce the fertilizer usage and avoids chemical fungicide & pesticide usage.

Seed Treatment:

Prepare a solution of Tari Pseudocon – 10 ml/litre of water, Tari DermaconV -10 ml/litre of water. Soak the seeds in the prepared solution.
• Shadedry the treated seeds before sowing.

For Plant growth: For 1 acre

• Apply Tari Organic Complex 200 Kg as basal application
• Apply Tari Azosfer -500ml,Tari Phosphofer -500 ml,Tari Kmofer - 500 ml Tari Humic – 5 litre along with organic manure or through fertigation.
• Apply Tari Organic Plus – 1 lit &Tari Humic – 3lit through fertigation or soil drenching once in 30 days.
• For Rhizome / tuber crops apply two doses of TARI Kmofer – 500ml/acre through fertigation or soil drenching.


• Improves soil fertility.
• Improves photosynthesis activity.
• Improves vegetable / rhizome size, weight and quality.
• Improves soil health.
• Increases yield.

Disease Management


Prepare Tari Organic plus -5 ml/litre
Tari Pseudocon -2 ml/litre
Tari Dermacon V – 2 ml/1 litre water and Spray 2 times in 15 days interval.

Pest Management

Sucking Pest Management

Spray Tari Organic Plus – 5 ml/litre
Tari Verticide -2 ml/litre

Borer / worms/ weevils Management

Spray Tari Metacide – 2 ml/ litre
Tari Beauvericide – 2 ml /litre

Nematode management:

Drench TARI Nematocide 2ml / litre of Water.


• Spraying should morning and evening time.
• Maintain the soil Moisture content.